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Men vs. Women!

15 Jun

What’s wrong with us? Men vs. Women!

There is a puzzle in my head for a long time now. Why can’t we just get along?

Hmmm, I don’t think that I will ever get a complete answer on whats wrong with these two species, thinking there is something wrong with the other specie, but yet they engage in further wrongness and go create another mini specie which will grow old and still will not know the answer!

I know, because I’m the “product” of those two species!

I puzzled you, right? evil smile 🙂

I don’t wanna sound revolutionary, but it might be it!

I think I found the puzzle of that wrongness!! What’s wrong with them?

This question is not valid anymore, and it is not acceptable!

We should ask, what’s wrong with ourselves? Why we engage in relationships that are just, well , wrong?

You talk rubbish for the other specie, you say you can’t stand them, you can do it on your own, they are all the same, they will never change, they are hazard to your core emotional, mental, physical health, and huge errors in your life? And yet, you are attached to them.

So my dear ones, STOP HAUNTING THEM THEN! You talk about this “beast “ so evil and mean that they could crush you, and what do you do? You shake your tail feathers in front of their nasty teeth! It is like drowning yourself again with your own hands. You jump in the endless pit all over again, like it is your pleasure and you love to see yourself bleeding!

One must enter the” Jungle” when it is ready, it needs maturity, self-respect, emotional intelligence and respect for another. You just can’t love somebody else as long as you don’t love and respect yourself! CAN’T.

Hold your teeth, hold your tongue from spitting poison. Grow the seed of love from within your heart and then let somebody else water it and bring it to blossom! No such great things come from outside as from the inside power!

I once heard: ”Life and love begins from the inside out, only death follows from outside in”

Ps: I’ m calling love life with the metaphor of a Jungle, because that’s what it is. A rollercoaster of emotions, an excitement and fear, a state of bliss and state of despair, a place of rules and place of freedom, a home of the calmed butterflies and the angry beasts. All so beautifully mixed together in a chaotic way that makes perfect sense.

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future”

― Deepak Chopra

Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love


How do I love?

14 Jun

How do I love?

I could say I have loved 20 times in 20 years, but I could not know how many times I lied now :p ?

Or  I didn’t lie at all?

Well if it is all about butterflies in the stomach than I could double this number on 40 or 60 or…stop me!

How many times have I felt butterflies in my stomach, there are not that many butterflies in the world.

So im pretty much sure that is not the indication that I have loved

What about, catching myself of wandering and thinking about him?

How many nights have I spend on thinking of him and smiling for no reason….ahh such a beautiful waste of time! Nope that’s not it as well. I have spent nights and nights thinking  and dreaming  of him. Ohh his blue eyes, blonde hair, bad boy attitude, the world hates him and he is a raper! Hint 🙂

So no, thinking and dreaming doesn’t count, and sleepless night doesn’t count as well. I have had sleeps night watching “Sex and the City” from first to last season in a week! Yup in ONE week J So what if I spent a sleepless night or two over him! Frankly I don’t even remember now, why!?

Okay  so this helped me to narrow the list on 5 lucky ones! Hah! So what is that, that got me thinking what is real love and why I feel sooo different this time?

So what is that one thing that gets me out of my skin? What is the thing that gets my train out of its railroad? What is the thing that makes my heart beats  louder, faster and it makes it rhyme with his name? What makes me an owl to make me enjoy the sleepless night?

How do I love?

I love in a way that even when I cry, it warms my heart. I feel , see and smell his love around me. It is so intense that for the first time in my life I can touch it and taste it, and by that I mean literally! Its like when I lay with him I feel like an invisible womb has covered me and it is immediately warm, colorful and tastes like burned sugar! It is like our heartbeat synced and its is peaceful! That’s how I love, selfishly, conditionally, wondering and suspiciously. I’m not perfect, nobody is! But I don’t wanna escape from it,no! This time, I am not letting my fears stop me from what feel so flawless. I am chasing my demons and I will tie them down. This kind a love is like a Comet, you might never get the chance to see it twice in a lifetime.

Because it is not everything in the ways you love, it is everything on how you SEE love and how you project love! There is no right or wrong way to love, there is just ONE way and that’s LOVE!