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16 Jun


Do you remember the time when we were strangers?

I went away and felt the shadow,

of your smell stalking at my back.

I didn’t sleep that night u know?

Eyes wide open,

couldn’t close them.

And since that night,

no other night was the same.

We are no strangers,

I know you for years now,

I felt your lips close to mine,

felt your body entering mine,

Becoming one.

And when it is one

It can’t be two again,

It would be two broken halves,

But not us.

It all felt good,

U touched my soul

and lift me up

up above the skies,

a perpetual explosion

like a supernova shine.

Don’t think we belong together.

neither feel we should be apart

I am mad as a sane idea,

In a mad mens mind.

To have u and lose you

at the same time.

Hooked on a feeling,

that I cannot describe.

My sanity as little left of it

forces me to let go,

my madness wants you more and more

you are like a part of it.

I ain’t mad when you are not around,

and all I need is to be mad.

We’re sitting here

and u hold my hand,

Whispering words ,

I don’t understand.

Like a stranger, Again.


Girls just wanna have fun!

14 Jun

Girls just wanna have fun!

Sex and the City

Girls having fun! Sex and the City

Is he gonna call, what should  I wear,what is more subtle for a movie night with him? He didn’t noticed that I curled and brightened my hair?! Sometimes I think, he never understand me?

So what tonight? A regular movie night with him or a drunk laughing night with my girlfriends?

The 2nd choice my ladies! The 2nd choice! And the very best choice!

They will notice the new perm and the highlights ( that u were trying to make for him ), they will tell you that you have put some weight and that your belly looks like a men beer belly!!! And you just look at them with a mad face and the next moment you say cheers to that ( with a beer of course ).

They will tell you,that your hair is desperate for a cut because it looks like hay ( and they make it sound like it’s the end of the world). But who will bring up the immediate hair cut “red light” if it wasn’t for them?

You will say a lot of times “cheers to that” that night! Reminiscing the times when you were young and stupid, when u first got drunk together, when we cried when he didn’t returned our text, when we were happy for each other to find love, and were here for each other when love didn’t work? So yes,cheers to us in the end.

Yup, we didn’t talk world politics, or how to feed the hungry, or who is Kim Kardashian new boyfriend (really, do u know who is the new BF? I’m kinda curious now?). But I can surely say that i know now, who is the best hairdresser in town, where you can get your nails done inexpensively,which are great places to spend the summer  and we surely spent a word or two on which Whiskey is better Irish Jameson or other 🙂

These are the days when you don’t wanna talk work, college or everyday worries. These  are the days when u enjoy a shallow conversation, which will not stress you but will relax you and make you feel comfortable ( I’m writing this with my feet on the table ),buuut I promise we will resolve world hunger issue next time we meet!

We resolved a better issue this time.

We changed our life paths from being a lawyer to a fashion designer, from being a PR to a globetrotter, from a manager to a writer, from a journalist to a producer!  And we had all these conversations topped with grilled chicken and Rakia! Yup, not whiskey this time, maybe if we lived in Ireland! Is there whiskey as cheap as it is Rakia here? Just asking?

Ohh yeah back to the topic, weeell that’s what I call a great evening,  best friends, cracked some jokes, gossiping a bit, some booze and meze and just we, ourselves and us!

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that hugging and cuddling with you loved ones is boring or not worth it, it is the most marvellous thing on the earth. But to escape the greatest thing on earth to become boring, escape with your girls and enjoy , at just being a WOMAN.