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Koop – Island blues

18 Jul

I am all over the place at this time, I will write about that soon! As I am in a hurry I would like to share this beautiful song with you. It is played  24/7 on my phone! 🙂
Tell me what you think?


Hello world!

13 Jun

Hi Everybody,

I love, love, love a lot of things. First of all, I love writing and reading , that’s why I am here.

I love laughs, dawns, cars, food, creative things, the smell of coffee, chilling in a bar with friends and sleeping.

I hate dentists, cold soup and making up my bed.

Things that I suck on:
Picking up the phone
Being somewhere on time
Keep up with a diet

I will be writing about things that I want to share with the world, interesting stories, situations that bother me and about topics that bother the world.
So, for more stay tuned :)