Pastry! Pastry! Pastry! Pita! Pita! Pita!

15 Jun

Theese photos are from my trip to Bosnia and Hercegovina! If you haven’t heard of it before you have probably heard of it from the new movie directed by Angelina Jolie “In the Land of Blood and Honey”
This time I was in Tuzla, but this summer I will be visiting the capital city Sarajevo. And probably I will write a post about it.

And as I always think, the best way to explore a city and to find its soul is by the food the city serves! So here is what the City of Tuzla serves.

Tuzlanski Ćevapi can be found on every corner in the city. And everywhere they tasted differently. My favorite place was called “Limenka” and the above picture is taken there.

They are usually served of 5-10 pieces on a plate or in a flatbread (lepinje or somun), often with chopped onions, sour cream, kajmak, ajvar, cottage cheese, minced red pepper and salt. Serb ćevapčići are made of either beef, lamb or pork or mixed. Bosnian ćevapi are made from two types of minced beef meat, hand mixed and formed with a funnel, while formed ćevapi are grilled.


Pastry! Pastry! Pastry! Pita! Pita! Pita!

Pastry everywhere! But they value the most, the pastry they make at home!
Burek – a meat-filled flaky pastry, traditionally rolled in a spiral and cut into sections for serving. The same dish filled with cottage cheese is called sirnica, one with spinach and cheese zeljanica, and one with potatoes krompiruša. All these varieties are generically referred to as PITA (Bosnian for “pie”).


Burek, or a phyllo dough pastry, has got such a vital importance for the national diet in Bosnia and Herzegovina that its making and eating is institutionalized through the specialty joints called buregdzinica.

So this are the two main dishes I could see and eat everywhere!
Maybe I will try something new, on my next trip to Sarajevo!
Ahh if you live or have been in Sarajevo, can you give me some tips so I can best enjoy the town?

Ps: I have returned home with a big big belly! Maybe my tummy got bigger but it was full of love from delicious food 🙂

2 Responses to “Pastry! Pastry! Pastry! Pita! Pita! Pita!”

  1. dudewhatsmyfood at 11:58 AM #

    Looks good!

    • Bella at 4:50 PM #

      It tastes even better 🙂 thnx for stopping by 🙂

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